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Key Programming

Key Programming

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Lost keys or keys that no longer start your vehicle

You may lose your key whilst you're on holiday or just as a matter of daily life but the end result is the same,

you either cannot get in to your vehicle or if it's already unlocked you won't be able to start

it to go on your way.  Either way it's going to ruin your day (and possibly your holiday).  

Here at Tech Doctor Anglesey we can provide new keys and program them into your vehicles security system

at a fraction of the cost of having your vehicle returned to your main dealer for them to do the same.

 Our specialist equipment will allow us to gain entry to most vehicles without damage and will then allow us to both

read the existing physical key data and to allow a new one to be cut, as well as allow us to remove the old lost key data (if required - see below)

and program in the new key data.

All as quickly as possible and with the minimum amount of fuss to get you back moving again.


Programming out old lost keys 

Key programming is an essential part of your vehicles security system and is often overlooked.  

Why would you overlook it? Well it's that age old saying if it aint broke don't try to fix it!!

Which for the most part is true, but if you've recently purchased a second hand car and only received one key with it

you are potentially at risk from someone taking it away with any of the spare keys which have been programmed over the cars lifetime

(up to 9 on some vehicles).  

A main dealer when they program a new key to your car will often leave the old ones programmed in just in case you find it tucked away at the back of your kitchen drawer etc...

This can then leave all those missing keys with potential access to your vehicle and also with the ability to drive it away without setting any factory fitted alarm systems off.  

Here at Tech Doctor Anglesey we can analyse your vehicle security system and with access to all the known keys (ie all the ones you got with it)

we can then remove all the old keys that are programmed into your vehicle PERMANENTLY.  

Once programmed out they will only be able to try to physically unlock the vehicle which in most cases will fail and set the alarm system off.


Even if they manage to gain entry to the vehicle they most certainly won't be able to start it

as the security systems immobiliser system will no longer recognise the chip hidden within the key.


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