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The iPhone 7 news

The iPhone 7 news

The iPhone 7 has a cool workaround if you break the home button

The iPhone 7 might look like the iPhone 6s before it, but Apple has actually included several improvements that make it a better phone overall – and one of those is the new home button. Unlike Apple’s previous handset, the iPhone 7’s home button has no moving parts, and instead uses a taptic engine to simulate the feel of clicking – just like Apple’s new MacBooks.

That lack of mechanical parts means it’s less likely to go wrong, but it also means that when it does, Apple can use software to detect the problem and create a neat workaround. Over the weekend, a MacRumors forum member discovered that if the new home button goes wrong, the iPhone 7 is able to detect the issue, and give users an onscreen button instead. The button appears along with a fault warning telling the new user to get their new phone fixed. While a broken home button is the last thing you want to see on your new iPhone 7, at least you’ll still be able to use it. You can see what the feature looks like in the image from MacRumors below

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